What is the difference between Optimum high quality toners and Nonames?

Raw materials
There are six main parts in toner cartridges. In Optimum we
are definitely using A grade raw materials. For instance we use
the MK OPC and LK Toner instead of other cheaper options.

Quality Control
Optimum toners and ink are tested with a strict test protocol
on our testing paper. Other toners might be approved when
character versions fit the standard, however on Optimum only
the cartridges that meet all the testing versions’ will be approved.

Difference in density range
Density range is defined from the suppliers of originals. Normally compatibles are
very good or even better, but up to 10% deviation from the original toners would normally
be accepted. On Optimum we most often have a better denisity range, and we will not
approve deviations larger than +-3% from the average of the original toners.

Our current product line includes compatible toner
cartridges to following printers:

OPT435C replaces CB435A Premium toner - black toner 1500 pages
Works with:
LaserJet 1006, LaserJet P1006, LaserJet P1008, LaserJet P1009, LaserJet P1005, LaserJet P1007

OPT278C replaces CE278A Premium toner - black toner 2100 pages
Works with:
LaserJet P1566, LaserJet Pro M1536DNF, LaserJet Pro P1566, LaserJet Pro P1606dn, LaserJet Pro M1536,

OPT285C replaces CE285A Premium toner - black toner 1600 pages
Works with:
LaserJet P1122, LaserJet Pro M1210, LaserJet Pro P1101, LaserJet Pro P1104WLaserJet Pro M1100,
LaserJet Pro M1212NF, LaserJet Pro P1102, LaserJet Pro P1106LaserJet Pro M1130, LaserJet Pro M1212NF,
LaserJet Pro P1102w, LaserJet Pro P1106W LaserJet Pro M1132, LaserJet Pro M1217NFW,
LaserJet Pro P1103, LaserJet Pro P1108LaserJet Pro M1132MFP, LaserJet Pro P1100,
LaserJet Pro P1104,

OPT505XC replaces CE505X Premium toner - black toner 6500 pages
Works with:
LaserJet P2050, LaserJet P2055, LaserJet P2055dn, LaserJet P2055xLaserJet P2050 Series, LaserJet P2055d,

OPT1042C replaces MLT-D1042S Premium toner - black toner 1500 pages
Works with:
ML 1660, ML 1672, ML 1860, SCX 3200ML 1665, ML 1674, ML 1865, SCX 3205ML 1670, ML 1675, ML 1865W, SCX 3205W ,

OPT1052C replaces MLT-D1052L Premium toner - black toner 2500 pages
Works with:
ML 1910, ML 2525W, SCX 4600, SCX 4623FNML 1915, ML 2545, SCX 4623F, SCX 4623FWML 2525, ML 2580N,

OPT1082C replaces MLT-D1082S Premium toner - black toner 1500 pages
Works with:
ML 1640, ML 2240 ,

OPT2612 replaces Q2612A Premium toner - black toner 2000 pages
Works with:
LaserJet 1010, LaserJet 1022, LaserJet 3020DTN, LaserJet 3052LaserJet 1010DTN, LaserJet 1022DTN, LaserJet 3020N,
LaserJet 3052AiOLaserJet 1010N, LaserJet 1022N, LaserJet 3030,
LaserJet 3055LaserJet 1012, LaserJet 1022NW, LaserJet 3030AIO,
LaserJet 3055AiOLaserJet 1012DTN, LaserJet 3015, LaserJet 3030DTN,
LaserJet 3055mfpLaserJet 1012N,
LaserJet 3015AIO, LaserJet 3030N, LaserJet M1005LaserJet 1015, LaserJet 3015DTN, LaserJet 3050,
LaserJet M1005mfpLaserJet 1018, LaserJet 3015N, LaserJet 3050AiO, LaserJet M1319LaserJet 1020,
LaserJet 3020, LaserJet 3050Z,
LaserJet M1319FLaserJet 1020N, LaserJet 3020AIO, LaserJet 3051, LaserJet M1319fMFP

OPT2000 replaces TN-2000 Premium toner - black toner 2500 pages
Works with:
2820, FAX 2850, HL 2032, IntelliFax 2820DCP 7010, FAX 2920, HL 2040, MFC 7220DCP 7010L, FAX 7010, HL 2050,
MFC 7225NDCP 7020, FAX 7020, HL 2070N, MFC 7420DCP 7025, HL 2020, HL 2460, MFC 7820FAX 2820, HL 2030,
Intelli Fax 2820, MFC 7820NFAX 2825

OPT2005 replaces TN-2005 Premium toner - black toner 1500 pages
Works with:
HL 2035, HL 2037 ,

OPT2010 replaces TN-2010 Premium toner - black toner 1000 pages
Works with:
DCP 7055, DCP 7057, HL 2132, HL 2135WDCP 7055W, HL 2130,

OPT2120 replaces TN-2120 Premium toner - black toner 2600 pages
Works with:
DCP 7030, DCP 7045N, HL 2170W, MFC 7440NDCP 7032, HL 2140, MFC 7320, MFC 7840WDCP 7040, HL 2150N, MFC 7340,

OPT2220 replaces TN-2220 Premium toner - black toner 2600 pages
Works with:
2840, DCP 7070DW, HL 2250DN, MFC 7460DNDCP 7060D, HL 2240, HL 2270DW, MFC 7860DWDCP 7065DN, HL 2240D, MFC 7360N,
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